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Why is PAP thinking of elections, now? Virus election kills! (3/26/2020) Here's the transcript of the video on why PAP should not call for a virus election. Fellow Singaporeans, there are more and more coronavirus infections every day. Yet the Prime Minister distracts himself and the government with an election. He wants to seek a “fresh mandate and a full term”, when he has one more… Read More
Very Wrong and Irresponsible for Government to Call for Election (3/18/2020) Here is my video interview with The Online Citizen on the impending virus election. Read More
Budget 2020 – An Old Strategy that will not Meet New Challenges (3/11/2020) Contrary to his claim, DPM Heng’s strategic financial plan in Budget 2020 will not prepare the country for the long term. It’s an old strategy of an investment-driven, export-oriented economy that was suitable for the past few decades but are either inappropriate or inadequate in meeting new challenges. These challenges are of a different kind;… Read More

My latest essay is my second economic plan in which I set out what needs to be done for Singapore to become a true First World country. 


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