Back to Raffles @ Bras Basah

I was pleasantly surprised that what I wrote 48 years ago as a 17-year-old student, has been reproduced in a book to commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial. The article was on RI’s move from its original home in Bras Basah Road to a new site in Grange Road, a key milestone in the history of the school (page 55 reproduced below).

It was extracted from a special commemorative issue of the Rafflesian Times of which I was the managing editor. My entire team worked very hard to produce what turned out to be Singapore’s first-ever student newspaper in full colour, a feat achieved without any funding support or subsidy from the school. In fact, we made a small profit.

We were lucky. We made cold calls on companies and shops around RI, soliciting advertisements. To our surprise, the manager of a popular TV brand Sharp who had no connection with RI whatsoever, took up a full-page advertisement in full colour. Without this advertisement, we would not been able to produce a special issue in colour as it was expensive to do so. With financing settled, we went on to deliver a “colourful” historical first for the school. It was an immense source of pride for all of us. Years later, it earned its rightful place in the RI Museum.

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