Congratulations to the SDP for a successful pre-election rally!

The next GE is a critical one. Singaporeans are being asked to vote in a new leadership team, the so-called 4G team.

But they have not proven themselves as true leaders. They have merely risen up the ranks of the civil service and the military as obedient servants, not the creative and innovative minds that Singapore needs now to become strong and prosperous.

PM Lee will still be lurking around, directing them from behind. It reminds us of the earlier leadership transition from Lee Kuan Yew to Goh Chok Tong. But at least Lee Kuan Yew was a strong and undisputed leader. Can we say the same of Lee Hsien Loong? Do we still want more of the same mediocre leadership of the last fifteen years from Lee Hsien Loong?

I am glad the SDP is starting early to point the way forward for Singaporeans.

Watch my congratulatory video message here.

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