From Russia with Love

Attended the Moscow conference last week (24-27 Oct) with Melvyn Chiu from SingFirst and friends from other parties. I had good discussions with politicians from the other Asian countries particularly those from Malaysia. They were adjusting to the new Government in KL especially the MPs from UMNO and PAS. The PAS MPs were happy that they now have an additional state to govern. We chatted about their development plans for the states of Kelatan and Terengganu.

We visited the World War 2 Museum which paid tribute to the sacrifices of 27 million Russians who lost their lives in the war to win peace for humanity. We toured the Red Square and posed for photo-taking beside the magnificent St Basil’s Cathedral.

We had a pleasant experience of the Metro, the underground mass transit railway which is famed for its very deep tunnels and beautiful murals of sculptures and paintings.

We enjoyed the warm hospitality of our Russian hosts on a dinner cruise on Moscow River when they entertained us with a terrific show of Russian talent in music, song and dance, acrobatic and sword play.

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