Thank you Sir Maurice for the privilege of being your student.

Was back in Oxford on Thursday attending the Thanksgiving Service of my favourite politics tutor Sir Maurice Shock who passed away at age 92. The flag of University College was flown at half-mast in his honour.

Many colleagues, past students and friends were surprised to hear grandson Gabriel Samuels letting on a very well-kept secret, that the genteel English gentleman tutor was once in the intelligence service spying on the Russians in Germany just after the war, and was also a social assistant of PM Sir Winston Churchill.

Met my other politics tutor Dr Leslie Mitchell and fellow college mates at the time, Howard Sereda (now with home care regulator), Michael Soole, High Court judge who gave me a “tutorial” on laws of defamation when he was a Queen’s Counsel several years ago, Chris Pelling, Regius Professor Of Greek with whom I chatted on whether USA and China will fall into the Thucydides’ trap, the wars of competition between democratic, innovative Athens and oligarchic, conservative Sparta that ended in the defeat of Athens, but people today remember the Athenian ideals much more than Sparta, and Mervyn Frost, a Rhodes Scholar from South Africa who is now Professor of War Studies at King’s College London.

Thank you Sir Maurice for the privilege of being your student. I have and will always remember you fondly. May God bless you with eternal rest.

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