Why is PAP thinking of elections, now? Virus election kills!

Here’s the transcript of the video on why PAP should not call for a virus election.

Fellow Singaporeans, there are more and more coronavirus infections every day.

Yet the Prime Minister distracts himself and the government with an election.

He wants to seek a “fresh mandate and a full term”, when he has one more year to go.

This is highly irresponsible.

If this virus crisis continues beyond a year, he can always invoke emergency powers to postpone elections.

If UK and Sri Lanka can postpone their elections to focus on the crisis, why can’t Singapore?

The PAP should not ask for a new job.

They should just do their job!

If the PAP calls for elections, they hope to benefit from Singaporeans’ uncertainty and desperation.

This is a disgraceful and dishonourable way to seek the people’s trust.

Elections should be fought with facts, not fear.

Singaporeans’ lives should come first, not the self-interest of PAP leaders.

The PAP must rule out a virus election!

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